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Radiopharmaceutical Treatment Provides Hope for Prostate Cancer Patients

Precision Medicine, Radiation Oncology/Therapy, Targeted Therapy, Gregory S. Sibley MD, Harold Agbahiwe MD, Prostate Cancer
January 31, 2023
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Virginia Cancer Specialists has earned the prestigious Accreditation Program for Excellence (APEx)

Fairfax Cancer Center, Radiation Oncology/Therapy, Gregory S. Sibley MD, Harold Agbahiwe MD
November 8, 2022
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Dr. David Weintritt Brings Innovative Treatment to Breast Cancer Patients in Northern Virginia

David Weintritt, Breast Surgery Services, Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Team, Press Releases
October 3, 2022
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2022 Sarcoma Awareness Month – Advancements and Care for Patients

Musculoskeletal Tumor Surgery, Felasfa M. Wodajo MD, The Sarcoma Center, Sarcoma
July 25, 2022
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Sandeep J. Khandhar, MD FACS - Senior Author, Minimally Invasive Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB)

Sandeep J. Khandhar MD, Fairfax Cancer Center, Thoracic Surgery, Lung Cancer, Small Cell Lung Cancer
March 21, 2022
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Lung Cancer Team, Fairfax Office, Fairfax Cancer Center, Thoracic Surgery, Alex Spira MD PhD FACP, Lung Cancer
February 22, 2022
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Palliative Medicine and its role in Supportive Oncology - Jessica Heintz, MD, FAAHPM

Jessica Heintz MD FAAHPM, Pain Management, Palliative Care
February 24, 2021
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Keep Moving, Stay Strong Webinar, Tuesday November 17, 7 - 8 pm EST

Events, Breast Surgery Services, Breast Surgery and Breast Cancer
November 3, 2020
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Alex Spira, MD PhD FACP VCS Co-Author Virginia Cancer Specialists - JAMA Network - Effect of Doxorubicin Plus Olaratumab vs Doxorubicin Plus Placebo on Survival in Patients With Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcomas Clinical Trial

Alex Spira MD PhD FACP, Clinical Trials and Research, The Sarcoma Center, Sarcoma
April 9, 2020
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