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Convenient Access to Most Prescriptions

We understand that undergoing treatment for your condition can be unsettling and time-consuming. In order to provide excellent service and convenience for our patients, we dispense certain medications in our offices. We can also confirm your prescription benefits coverage and investigate alternative co-payment assistance resources (e.g., patient assistance programs, manufacturer-funded assistance, etc.) to better ensure you receive your medication as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

The front desk staff may ask for a copy of your prescription benefit card when you sign in for your appointment, should you take advantage of this program. Please let us know if you have any questions about filling your prescription in our office.



Frequently Asked Questions

Our practice now offers in-office dispensing of select oral pharmaceuticals!

How can I refill a perscription?

If you are looking for a refill on your prescription(s), please have the patient name and RX# ready, and visit RxRefill (refillquick.com). You can also download our refill app with the QR codes below.

In addition, you are always welcome to call us on our direct line at 703.208.9231. Please do leave a message if you miss us, we will listen and get back to you!

Do I have to fill my prescription at your office?

No. You are welcome to fill your prescription at any pharmacy that accepts your prescription benefit coverage. We simply offer this service as a convenience and total care option to our patients.

If you decide to fill your prescription at another pharmacy, your decision will in no way affect the medical care you receive from our healthcare professionals.

Do you accept my prescription benefits coverage?

In most cases, yes. We are able to process prescription claims with most major prescription benefits providers. We are also able to process Medicare Part B and Part D prescriptions as appropriate. Keep in mind that some plans require the use of a mail-order pharmacy to fill prescriptions for long-term use.

We can help you determine the best available option for filling your prescription

How long will it take to receive my medication?

We will fill your prescription as quickly as possible after verifying your prescription benefit coverage and reviewing alternative co-payment assistance resources.

How will I be notified my prescription is ready?

Often your prescription may be available immediately. If not, we will call you to arrange a time to pick up or deliver your prescription. If more convenient, prescriptions can be shipped to your home. Delivery typically takes 24-48 hours.

Will it cost me more to fill my prescription here than at a retail pharmacy?

No. In fact, there are times where it may cost less to fill your prescription at our practice. Retail pharmacies often require immediate payment and sometimes are not able to verify all coverage options (e.g., Medicare, supplemental plans, co-payment assistance programs) before dispensing. Since we are able to do this before dispensing your medication, as well as investigate alternative co-payment assistance resources, it’s possible you could save money.

Why are you offering in-office dispensing?

We want to provide convenience and total care to the patients receiving treatment in our practice. Since it can be confusing to deal with prescription benefit coverage for the medications used to treat your condition, we are happy to do the work for you. It benefits both you and your doctor to ensure you get started right away and follow your treatment plan as closely as possible. We are here to help!

When can I start using this service?

Talk to your doctor or nurse to get started today. Just make sure you have provided your prescription benefit card to the front desk for our files. We’ll do the rest and be there with you every step of the way.


Laboratory testing is a key component of detection, diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders. Our in-house laboratory provides quick results for many routine tests, including complete blood count (CBC), platelet count, and urinalysis, allowing our hematologists to diagnose your disease and prescribe the appropriate treatments as soon as possible.