Nutrition for Cancer Patients

Nutrition is an important part of cancer treatment. Selecting the right foods for your diet during and after cancer treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger. This is why we are pleased to offer individualized nutrition services to patients of Virginia Cancer Specialists.

Depending on your cancer, you may have some changes in your nutrition requirements.  For instance, you may need increased calories, increased protein, or be experiencing changes in vitamin and/or mineral requirements.  You may also be losing or gaining weight as a result of your cancer or treatment or have side effects that alter the amount you can eat and how food tastes.

Personalized Plan

Our registered dietitians will meet with you either by phone or in person and determine the extent of nutrition needs and intervention.

Your personalized approach will be based on:

  • Optimizing your food and nutrient intake during treatment, based on your requirements;
  • Treatment-related side effects;
  • Individual concerns;
  • Personal food preferences; and
  • Lifestyle.

There is much inaccurate information on the Internet that is more related to opinion than scientific discovery.  Therefore, we want to support our patients in access to the most accurate sources that will support their short- and long-term health optimally.


The following organizations have been vetted by our dietitians as credible providers of information related to nutrition and cancer:

Resources for Cancer Patients,
Cancer Survivors, and Their Caregivers available here

Ask your doctor, nurse practitioner, or nurse if you should schedule a consult with the VCS dietitian.

Nutrition is a critical component of health and wellness and should be an important part of your cancer journey as well.

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