Lung Cancer and Thoracic Oncology Program

Don’t just choose a specialist.

Choose an expert.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Care

Virginia Cancer Specialists is a multifaceted oncology practice with a team of highly sub-specialized lung and thoracic experts trained in medical oncology, surgery, and radiation oncology.

Our Patient Care Philosophy – A Team of Highly Specialized and Experienced Providers:

  • State-of-the-art care utilizing the most advanced cutting-edge techniques and minimally invasive procedures available today – giving patients access to personalized medicine and tailored treatment as individualized as their condition.
  • Our team of lung cancer experts have a wealth of experience and specialization – consisting of medical oncology, radiation oncology, thoracic surgery, nurse practitioners, palliative care physicians, nurses, genetic counselors, and a highly efficient administration team that allows for quick response times so that patients can get back to their daily activities.

The VIRGINIA CANCER SPECIALISTS RESEARCH INSTITUTE recently partnered with NEXT Oncology-Virginia:

This partnership has resulted in the development of numerous new drugs and therapeutics
  • Patients are considered for preoperative neoadjuvant trials, adjuvant trials, and radiation trials across the full continuum of the care.
  • Phase 1 and early development clinical trials are some of our most exciting and are available for patients when appropriate.
  • All patients are considered for molecular testing, providing information about their individual cancer. Complex cases are reviewed by a variety of tumor boards.
  • NEXT Oncology Virginia

Personalized Medicine for Patients through Molecular Tumor Boards

A Team of Highly Specialized and Experienced Providers

Physicians have access to and participate in weekly Tumor Board meetings, bringing together multidisciplinary cancer experts who can determine and advise the best treatment plan for each patient. Although national guidelines are well recognized, every patient’s case is unique and deserves an individualized treatment plan.

We offer patients an important opportunity to review their molecular profile to determine which treatments and medications will be most successful. The analysis and discussion that takes place in the Molecular Tumor Board ensures that doctors can make informed decisions on cancer treatments that are personalized to each patient and their specific genetics.

Virginia Cancer Specialists Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery can typically provide:

  1. Fewer complications
  2. Better functional result
  3. Less pain
  4. Shorter hospital stays
  5. Faster recovery
  6. Research Articles Sandeep J. Khandhar, MD, FACS

    1. Implementing a thoracic enhanced recovery with ambulation after surgery program: key aspects and challenges
    2. Thoracic enhanced recovery with ambulation after surgery: a 6-year experience

“We pride ourselves on doing things once and getting it right, I want people to get back to living their lives as soon as possible with me being in the rear view mirror.” Sandeep J. Khandhar, MD, FACS , Thoracic Surgeon

Our Lung Cancer Team

Better Access and Convenience – Our 360-Degree Approach to Care

Virginia Cancer Specialists offers a complete spectrum care, all under one roof, including:

    • Nurse Navigators to help guide patients through their personalized treatment care plan.
    • Genetic Counseling Services to help target cancer treatments.
    • A Full Retail Pharmacy and Lab, making it easier for patients to get their medications under one roof.
    • Dietitians offering Nutritional Services to help select the right foods during and after cancer treatment.
    • Social Work Services assisting patients and their loved ones with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.
    • Financial Counselors who can answer questions about the cost of treatment and handle insurance processing.

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