Radiopharmaceutical Prostate Cancer Treatment

Virginia Cancer Specialists is proud to offer a leading-edge treatment combining the use of PET scans and a new therapy targeting prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-positive cancer cells in men with prostate cancer, that has spread and become resistant to other forms of treatment.


This new therapy, which was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in March 2022, uses a tracing agent (ligand) that attaches to PSMA, a protein on the surface of most prostate cancer cells. If this tracer binds to the cancer cells, they light up on a PET/CT scan and patients are then eligible for a drug called Pluvicto™, which is then injected into the bloodstream to deliver targeted radiation to cancer cells throughout the body that express PSMA. The treatment targets bone, nodal and visceral metastases.


Adults with prostate-specific membrane antigen-positive metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (PSMA-positive mCRPC) that:

  • Has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic)
  • Has already been treated with other anticancer treatments

“With this new treatment, we’re seeing significant improvement in progression-free survival. Patients are living longer and better, usually with no significant side effects. I’m thrilled that Virginia Cancer Specialists is able to provide this option for patients in our community.”

Gregory Sibley, MD, Radiation Oncology, Virginia Cancer Specialists

Fighting disease at the cellular level, Pluvictotm FAQ’s:

  • A targeted therapy that delivers radiation treatment directly to PSMA+ cells, including tumors.
  • Given via IV injection or infusion approximately every 6 weeks for up to 6 treatments, depending on how the patient responds.

Pluvictotm helped Men Live Longer: Men with PSMA+ mCRPC who received PluvictoTM plus the best standard of care lived a median of 4 months longer: 15.3 months vs. 11.3 months with BSoC (best standard of care) alone.*

Time without progression: Men treated with Pluvictotm plus BSoC lived longer without their cancer growing or spreading – a median of 8.7 months compared with 3.4 months when on BSoC only.**

Radiation Oncology Team

PluvictoTM is the first and only treatment that targets PSMA+ cancer cells wherever they are in the body.