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Lung Cancer and Clinical Trial News, Alex Spira, M.D., PhD, F.A.C.P.

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November 26, 2018
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The last several years have let to numerous new treatments for Lung Cancer. At least 10 new drugs and indications have been approved in the last 3 years, which dwarfs the improvements we had over the previous two decades. Nevertheless, there remains a lot to be done.

Despite the advent of immunotherapy, these drugs either don’t work for a significant number of patients, or only work for a while.   There are at least 3-4 novel agents that are in trial now that have significant activity, but the trials need to be completed in order to get them to patients.

Virginia Cancer Specialists (VCS) and the VCS Research Institute is at the forefront with many of these agents in clinical trials.

They are offered to patients who may benefit from them, or just patients looking for more cutting edge therapy.  While not every patient may benefit from them, a large percentage of our lung cancer patients enroll on trials in attempt to benefit themselves as well as others.

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