Healthy Tips to for the New Year and Beyond

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January 05, 2021
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Let’s face it—2020 has been a taxing year across the board! Some of you may have had a chance to build healthier habits being at home more often and eating in. Others may just be holding it together trying to juggle working with family at home, anxiety over COVID, etc. Well, I am here to lighten your load!!  Wherever you are on the healthy habit spectrum, here are some ideas to stay healthy (while enjoying) the New Year and beyond.

  1. Embrace “mock”tails! Alcohol is an easy way to pack on the calories, especially if you are adding it to your usual food intake. Here are some mocktail recipes to try from EatingWell Magazine!
  2. On days when you may have a big holiday meal, work in a snack of fruits and veggies before eating to take the edge off your hunger and balance out the calories you are about to consume.
  3. Bundle up and get out of the house for a brisk walk – it’s invigorating, especially at the start of the day! Better yet, drag your loved ones out with you and see who can keep up with who!
  4. Raining? Try out a HIIT exercise app. Many do not require any special equipment. My favorites? Nike Training Club and 7-Minute Workout.
  5. Keep a food journal – this will help you stay accountable to yourself and not fall too far off the wagon.
  6. While you may be cooped up at home, and resting up, make sure that you put on some real clothes (at least occasionally!)—this will give you an early indication if/when those pants get snug.
  7. You’re stuck at home, why not experiment with healthy baking techniques? Choose whole wheat flour over white. Skeptical? Start with ½ wheat flour and ½ white flour. Cook with ripe bananas, applesauce, pumpkin, or spices  (e.g., cinnamon, all spice) to add flavor and replace some of the sugar in your recipes. You can also use bananas and applesauce to replace butter or some of the oil that’s called for.
  8. Start the day off with a fruit smoothie for breakfast. Use skim milk or low-sugar juice, your favorite fruits and/or veggies, and fat-free Greek yogurt. Starting your day with protein and fiber boost will fill you up, give you energy, and set you on the right path for the day!

Shelley Maniscalco, Registered Dietitian

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