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April 30, 2019
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Radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery are all great choices when it comes to treating brain cancer, and for good reason:  they’ve shown results.  Brain cancers, especially aggressive tumors like glioblastomas, are notoriously difficult to treat, but here at Virginia Cancer Specialists (VCS), we’re always researching cutting-edge treatment options, and searching for ways to ensure patients have access to the newest available therapies that result in the best possible outcomes.

Enter a brain cancer treatment cap.  If you haven’t heard of it, you aren’t alone.  The treatment uses alternating electric fields to slow the cancer’s growth.  In a recent study, adding the device to chemotherapy led to significantly better outcomes and higher survival rates. The cap is a topical treatment, not a systemic one, so doesn’t cause typical treatment side effects.  Instead, patients must become accustomed to wearing the hat and carrying the accompanying pack.

These caps are usually covered by insurance, and VCS has been very active in removing any hurdles patients encounter during the approval process.  While the caps aren’t a cancer cure, it’s a definite step forward in brain cancer treatment.

Immunotherapy is another therapy with promise as a newer brain cancer therapy.  Immunotherapy fights cancers using the body’s own immune system, and, used in conjunction with other treatments, can boost survival rates and provide better overall outcomes.  Vaccines are also generating positive buzz in clinical trials, but they aren’t preventative, like typical vaccines—instead, they’re a potential therapy option that shows potential in increasing life span for patients.

Virginia Cancer Specialists is proud to be a part of ongoing clinical trials that are helping the brain cancer community make strides toward better treatment options.  Today, there is more hope for patients than ever before. We are honored to be part of the future of cancer care.

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Dr. Timothy A. McCarthy graduated with high honors from Rutgers University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering.  He then went on to earn his medical degree and complete an Internal Medicine residency at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  During his residency, Dr. McCarthy was honored with the Nilesh Tamakuwala, MD Memorial Award, a distinction presented to the individual who best demonstrated compassion in care and excellence in teaching.

Board-certified in Medical Oncology, Hematology and Internal Medicine, Dr. McCarthy completed his fellowship in Medical Oncology and Hematology at University of North Carolina Hospitals.  As an Oncology Fellow, Dr. McCarthy took a leadership role working with various departments with a specific interest in quality and process improvement projects.  Dr. McCarthy is a published author and has presented posters at various medical events, including the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) symposium.