What’s the NEW Virginia Cancer Specialists Breast Cancer Lifestyle Action Group? How Can You Engage?

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November 05, 2019
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In case you missed it, on October 17 2019, the Virginia Cancer Specialists dietitian team kicked off our inaugural Breast Cancer Lifestyle Action Group (BCLAG)! The October meeting was intended to coincide with Breast Cancer Month and was based on ongoing feedback we hear from the breast cancer patients in our practice.

WHAT: The BCLAG is designed to provide actionable information and support, in a group setting, to patients at any stage of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. It will feature ongoing meetings, with targeted content and steps our patients can take to manage their diet and lifestyle regardless of where they are in their journey.

WHEN: Once/monthly

WHY: Breast cancer and treatment can have unique challenges and side effects, compared to others we see in the office. This patient population has expressed a need for additional information, support, and accountability in order to manage side effects such as weight gain and menopause.

WHERE: Conference room at the VCS business office (3040 Williams Drive, Suite 100, Fairfax VA)

WHAT ELSE: This is a fluid group. Patients can attend one or all of the classes and can join at any time in the process. Here’s a taste of what we have heard from patients so far…

“I’ve enjoyed the meetings, and I’ve learned a lot of easy to follow ideas that have had a positive impact on my life after treatment. I feel empowered with real information that really makes a difference in how I feel and in my outlook. Thank you so much for organizing the group!”
“I enjoyed and the information was very helpful. It is like a fork in the road (or climbing a tree with many branches) right now for me, not sure which one to take, so any advice the group can offer/suggest will be very helpful.”

Next session will be Thursday, November 14 from 4-5pm.
Will we see you there?

RSVP by Tuesday, November 12 to: VCSdietitians@USOncology.com

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