Providing Expanded Access to Advanced Cancer Treatments and Clinical Trials

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Expanding Vital Cancer Research and Clinical Trial Access in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

The Virginia Cancer Specialists Research Institute and NEXT Oncology Virginia have contributed to the development of numerous new drugs and therapeutics. While improving the availability of innovative treatment options for many patients, this collaboration will also provide hope for patients where current treatment options may be exhausted and no longer viable.

At Next Oncology Virginia, patients in Northern Virginia and beyond have access to a full spectrum of research and clinical trials. Contact us today: We will assist in reviewing your clinical trial options, answer questions and provide a consultation.

Transforming patient care by advancing the next breakthrough medicines in cancer research.

Working together with patients and referring colleagues, our facility will offer:

A Premier Oncology Research Program in Northern Virginia and the surrounding DC Area, and a referral source for the Mid-Atlantic region.

Early drug development trials of novel therapeutics through NEXT Oncology Virginia.

Clinical trials across the entire cancer spectrum, for all our patients.

“Next Oncology has joined forces with The Virginia Cancer Specialists Research Institute to form NEXT Oncology Virginia. This joint venture expands critical access and brings the latest in new agents and anticancer treatments to patients.” Alex Spira, MD, PhD, FACS “We take pride in the fact that we offer such a broad range of Clinical Trials, the largest of its kind in the Mid-Atlantic Region.”

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Clinical Trials will be available throughout Northern Virginia at all the Virginia Cancer Specialists sites of service, with early drug development trials (Phase 1) centered in the Cancer Center, located in Fairfax, Virginia.

Clinical Trial Locations

Alexandria Office

Arlington Office

Fairfax Office

Gainesville Office

Fauquier Office

Reston Office

Woodbridge Office

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Clinical trials are research studies conducted with patient volunteers to assess the benefit of novel therapies, in efforts to improve long term outcomes for a particular disease. Each study has eligibility criteria to determine who can or cannot participate in the study. The research team carefully evaluates each patient referred for a clinical trial to ensure they meet criteria.

In order to participate in an open trial, a patient must be given the opportunity to read and review a consent form specific for the trial. Upon providing written informed consent a patient will enter a screening period to complete requirements outlined by the study. Following this, provided all criteria are met, the patient will enroll and initiate study treatment.

While participation is fully voluntary, there are several benefits in pursuing a clinical trial. Patients may have access to novel treatments not yet commercially available that can benefit their outcome. Furthermore, trial participation enables patients to actively engage in their medical care while simultaneously helping future patients on the path to new transformative discoveries. Finally, all patients have a right to withdraw at any time and this does not affect their future medical care.

Clinical trials serve as the foundation of all cancer treatment and a chance for cancer patients to access the latest cancer treatment. Despite continual advancements, only 3% of patients participate in clinical trials due to misinformation from their providers; in many cases clinical trials may be the most promising option.

Prior to entering the research program, clinical trial costs will be discussed, and any questions answered by our professional billing specialist.

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