Human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) harvested from bone marrow of healthy adult donors and expanded ex vivo, with potential immunosuppressive activity. Remestemcel-L cells are hypo-immunogenic due to lack of major histocompatibility II (MHC II) molecule expression, eliciting little, if any, host immune response upon intravenous infusion. Infusion of allogeneic MSCs may result in: a) increased production of anti-inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin-10, prostaglandin E, and hepatocyte growth factor; b) decreased mononuclear phagocyte expression of indoleamine 2,3,-dioxygenase, which catabolizes L-tryptophan into its pro-inflammatory metabolites; and c) modulated dendritic cell (DC)maturation and disrupted activities of natural killer (NK) cells and CD8+ and CD4+ T cells. In addition, pluripotent MSCs, upon administration, may be recruited to damaged tissue sites, differentiating along specific lineages when stimulated. Check for active clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus)

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